What do you see as the importance of the E-CHARGE 2023 event for the EV charging sector in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Area? What are your aims for the event?

Knowledge and development of the most updated technologies in the sector and realization of a meeting point for the most important operators in Southern Europe and Mediterranean area, this is our aim. We hope for an increase in the cultural development of this area regarding these themes.

What are some of the most innovative and eye-catching technologies that will be on show at E-CHARGE 2023?

E-CHARGE deals with all the charging systems from the scooter (the lightest vehicle) to the cargo ship (the heaviest one). There will be technologies for the marine industry as well as for trucks. New charging protocols and new technologies will be presented and important topics and crucial themes will be discussed during our conference sessions.

What is the current situation with EV charging infrastructure in Italy, and is it keeping pace with the number of EVs on the roads?

In Italy we have a very high growth rate, higher than in the rest of Europe, and there are no signs of a slowdown in the future. Indeed its increase may continue. However, the car market does not follow the same trend in Italy and this is a cause of concern among operators. Basically the problem does not affect the spread of charging columns, but the sales trend of electrified cars that is not as strong as the EV charging market.

What are the biggest challenges facing deployers in the rollout of EV charging infrastructure in Italy?

Italy has always had a very complex history of bureaucracies and regulations, and for this reason the Italian market is felt to be complicated from many international producers’ point of view. Actually the Government is promising reviews and simplifications in order to optimize these processes. It will be a topic covered during our conferences.

What new developments and innovations are you seeing in the EV charging industry that are particularly interesting?

There are many developments and innovations: the sudden change of gear in North America about NACS or the quick spread of HPC standards in Europe. There is not a 'queen' technology in Europe but at the moment many technologies are competing with others to have supremacy. The future has not yet been written and at E-CHARGE we will take a picture of the current state of the art.