The investment represents the start of a collaboration to advance a seamless EV charging ecosystem, which it is claimed will revolutionise the charging experience for operators and drivers alike. 

It is estimated that cumulative investment in global EV charging hardware and installation will pass the US$100bn mark this year. 

To fully enable and maximise this growth in 2023 and beyond, ABB E-mobility says a more integrated approach to EV charger operation and management must be taken. Such an approach should address the current challenges faced across the global charger network which remains fragmented, with a different charging experience from location to location, and operator to operator. 

An integrated digital solution, which extends across the full value chain, starting from the vehicle and the EV charger to the grid provides the ideal solution. Not only will it facilitate new business models but more importantly, ensure an elevated charging experience for the driver. 

The Switch system offers deep insights into the complete charging process from start to finish: the protocols-based “conversation” between the electric car and the charger and between the charger and the backend, including grid integration for smart charging and V2G applications. This reduces customer failure and helps businesses control, maintain, and optimise charging sessions to resolve customer-facing issues.

To facilitate interoperable solutions across the industry and to prevent a lock-in effect, open communication protocols like ISO 15118-2/-20 and OCPP 2.0.1 are essential. Companies can replace software solutions based on standardised protocols and service providers with minimal migration effort. By offering an embedded charger operating system (Josev) and a cloud-based charger management platform (Switch platform) built entirely on these latest standards, Switch is eliminating barriers to business uptake. Its vertically integrated solution can heal the fragmentation across the EV charging ecosystem and level the playing field for next-generation EV charging, reducing charger and range anxiety among end-consumers.

This is what piqued the interest of Daniel Alarcon-Rubio, chief digital officer at ABB E-mobility, who explains: “The integrated Switch system, combined with our smart and connected charging solutions, has exceptional potential to fix and restructure the EV charging ecosystem. Our vision, drawn from experience in the mobile communications domain, crosses industry barriers for best-in-class reference design of a vertically integrated EV charging solution.”

With ABB’s minority investment, Switch will continue to contribute to open innovation by further developing its open-source stack 'Josev Community' and charger agnostic management platform (Switch platform) across customer segments and geographies.