Gross will oversee growth and expansion, marking a significant milestone in the company’s US expansion and EV charging technology.  

The deployment at Marina Palms Yacht Club and Residences enables EV drivers to charge their vehicles in minutes without the need for extensive construction or upgrades to existing electrical infrastructure.

The ChargeBox addresses the challenge of limited access to fast EV charging, particularly in large residential buildings, where traditional Level 2 chargers are impractical due to space limitations and lengthy charging times. With a charging capacity of up to 320kW per vehicle, the ChargeBox draws power from existing electrical grids, storing and delivering it at ultra-fast speeds.

The Marina Palms deployment replaces several Level 2 chargers, offering a more efficient solution for residents. According to George Barriere, general manager of FirstService Residential, the ChargeBox has exceeded expectations, providing a faster and more convenient charging experience.

Ads-Tec says this deployment sets a precedent for future installations at large residential complexes, city centres, and corporate campuses, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution to the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure.

With ChargeBox, Ads-Tec Energy aims to accelerate the adoption of EVs by providing reliable and fast charging solutions across the United States and the appointment of Renato Gross is an important element of that. With vast experience in manufacturing and sales, Gross will lead the expansion of Ads-Tec Energy's office in Auburn, Alabama, meeting the rising demand for its EV charging products in the US.

Gross brings over 20 years of expertise in global and US companies, particularly in the automotive industry, where he achieved significant sales. Thomas Speidel, CEO of Ads-Tec Energy, praised Gross's track record, highlighting his ability to set up production facilities and manage product deliveries.

Gross emphasised plans to adapt products for the US market, aiming to combine German engineering with American innovation to deliver top-tier EV charging solutions.