Smart EV chargers use their internet connection to play a crucial role in making electric vehicle charging more efficient, convenient, and sustainable while supporting the integration of EVs into the larger energy ecosystem. 

With installations of cellular connected EV chargers predicted to grow by around 40% CAGR and with over 80 million units forecast to be installed by 2030, Avanci says it brings efficiency to the sharing of essential technologies and the build out of the EV charging infrastructure.

The Avanci EV Charger program offers manufacturers of smart EV chargers the efficient option of a single licence for their connected products, covering the essential 4G, 3G and 2G cellular patents of the 43 licensors in the program today, plus those who join in future. The program licences at fair, published rates paid once for the lifetime of each charger, spanning a range of cellular connected EV chargers from individual home units to multi-outlet systems for public charging.

“The Avanci EV Charger program is an exciting new solution for the internet of things, and we are delighted to welcome Easee, Eaton and Garo as our first licensees,” said Marianne Frydenlund, VP of IoT licencing at Avanci. “When we discussed new opportunities with IoT companies, there was a clear need to simplify technology sharing in the fast-growing smart EV charger market, and our initial licensees and licensors enthusiastically engaged with us to provide input. We look forward to recruiting further participants.”