The agreement allows Blink customers to tap into Amerit’s expertise to provide on-site preventative care and service on Blink’s fleet charging stations, helping to increase uptime, safety, and reliability and keep electric fleets on the road.

Amerit’s EV Anywhere program provides the highest quality maintenance and repair services on location by leveraging the company’s nationwide footprint of over 1700 trained technicians across the US. As fleets are transitioning to electric vehicles and installing Blink Charging equipment, Amerit’s team can provide mobile support and service, as well as ongoing preventative maintenance on the Blink Charging infrastructure.

As part of its service, Amerit will provide quarterly, bi-annual, or annual checks, to ensure Blink’s fleet charging stations are clean, functioning, and report any damage that may have occurred. The company is the first point of contact physically to the charger if there should be a need to report any warranty or serviceability issues.