The Bluedot-RideShare Carz partnership allows RideShare Carz renters to locate, charge, and pay for charging across over 80% of the public chargers in the US. They no longer have to download multiple apps or worry about how they are going to pay for each charging station. All payment is done through Bluedot automatically, even for Tesla.

Historically, Tesla rideshare drivers would get billed every week after they had finished charging their vehicles. Non-Tesla drivers would have to use their own cards. This was causing significant workload and headaches for RideShare Carz customers, making it difficult to manage their finances.

With the new partnership, Bluedot tracks all charging sessions and automatically bills RideShare Carz drivers on a daily basis. This innovative payment solution has allowed them to streamline their vehicle charging billing process, increase internal efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction.

Bluedot also allows for full driver controls so RideShare Carz can manage customers' charging expenses and billing, and revoke access to the vehicle if needed. This platform has allowed RideShare Carz to scale its EV rental business and minimise the amount of platform it uses.

"This partnership is game changing for our internal operations and for our driver expense management,” said Shamus Hayes, COO, of RideShare Carz. “Bluedot makes the billing process simple for EV drivers and helps them control their daily expenses. Ride share drivers rely on efficiencies like this to enhance their financial success; and allows our team to dedicate more time to customer growth and satisfaction."