The state-of-the-art EV charging facility is located at its Houston headquarters. This public charging station boasts 24 high-speed Tritium 150kW DC fast chargers and opens on 2 April.

"This Gigahub marks a significant step for BP Pulse in the US," said Emma Delaney, BP's executive VP for customers and products. "It allows us to learn more about customer needs while offering fast, reliable charging."

The BP Pulse app lets users locate the gigahub, check charger availability, and even access WiFi while charging.

"We're excited to contribute to faster EV adoption in the US," said Sujay Sharma, CEO of BP Pulse Americas. The company plans to deploy more chargers in high-demand areas and has secured grants to build charging infrastructure in several states.

This investment aligns with BP's commitment to invest US$1 billion in US EV charging infrastructure by 2030.  EV charging is one of the company's key growth areas, alongside bioenergy, hydrogen, and renewable energy.

BP currently operates 29,000 EV chargers globally and aims to reach over 100,000 by 2030, with a focus on rapid and ultra-fast charging.