The Windows Up Charging experience previews the latest technology developed by Flash and, which enables drivers to enter parking facilities to activate an EV charger without leaving their vehicles. Drivers can quickly, safely, and conveniently engage EV chargers by using Mavi's Connected Consumer infotainment interface in their vehicles.

Flash and will have a full-size OnMyWay Commerce-enabled electric vehicle, AI vision cameras, parking lot gate and EV charging station to bring the experience to life for attendees.

The companies first announced a partnership in September to bring parking payment capabilities into the dashboards of connected vehicles. 

"The Connected Car is the next frontier in commerce, and our partnership with Flash lets us deliver an effortless purchasing experience for consumers, from their own personal dashboard," said CEO and founder Cynthia Hollen. "Easier parking and EV charging are two purchases that are top priority for consumers to simplify as we continue to move towards broader adoption of EVs and in-car commerce. We are looking forward to launching these parking and charging features in millions of US vehicles across multiple brands in early 2024."