In addition, the company has announced that the ChargeBox Booster outdoor battery system can now be completely installed at ground level, saving time and installation costs. Previously, the device was installed partly underground, but ground level installation minimises the installation effort, saving time and reducing costs.

The ChargeBox Booster can be installed up to 200m from the grid connection point and up to 100m from the ChargeBox dispensers. The install requires only about 1.5 square metres of floor or ground space. The system continuously charges up from even low-power electrical grids, storing and boosting the charging power up to 320kW for ultra-fast charging of vehicles within minutes.

The ChargeBox Dispenser for indoor installation is a leading solution for use in locations with limited power supply. Customers and operators of ultra-fast charging stations can thus open completely new areas of use and expand their business models - the dispenser can be installed in parking lots and underground garages, as well as in showrooms and halls.

"We have had a number of inquiries from large customers expressing the need for ultra-fast charging of e-vehicles inside buildings in order to run their electric vehicle business even more effectively. We are pleased to be able to serve this need," said John Neville, chief sales officer, ADS-TEC Energy.

The new installation options are available now in Germany and are planned for other European countries and the US.