Switching on the first sites marks a significant milestone in the rollout of South Australia’s first border-to-border EV charging network with 140 sites coming online across the state.

Across the first 12 Chargefox sites, 59 new electric vehicle charging plugs are available with hundreds more in the coming months.

To use the new RAA Charge network, EV drivers must download the Chargefox app to locate the closest charging site, charge their vehicle and complete payment. Chargefox, a subsidiary of Australian Motoring Services (AMS), will provide software, driver support and management services for the network.

Group CEO of AMS, Michael Reed, said the ultimate goal was to create a network of charging stations stretching right across Australia: “Chargefox’s EV charging network is already the largest in Australia. We have more than 1,200 plugs on the public network, with plans to grow that to 5,000 plugs, including 2,000 fast chargers, by 2025.

“This rollout in South Australia will help to increase the take-up of electric vehicles in the state and also eliminate range anxiety and support tourism. Our commitment is to clean energy. All our ultra-rapid stations are powered by 100% renewable energy, and our goal is to have the entire network run on 100% renewable energy.”