Since 2009, KEBA has pioneered the design and production of EV charging infrastructure, which includes smart and intuitive EV charge points. The company has sold over 500,000 charge points worldwide and since April 2022, KEBA's entire charge points range has been manufactured in a climate-neutral way.

In partnering with Monta and using the company’s charge point management system (CPMS), KEBA now offers a full end-to-end EV charging solution. From hardware, installation, and technical support, to charge point management and maintenance through Monta’s intelligent cloud-based system.

Monta’s system allows KEBA to monitor and manage its entire charging network with ease, with solutions designed to improve operational efficiency, scale its business, maximise charge point utilisation and enable flexible price management.

“Monta’s advanced CPMS is feature-rich and continuously evolving, which gives us full confidence in their ability to serve us not just today, but in many years to come,” said Darren Gardner, UK country lead at KEBA.

Notable features available to KEBA within Monta’s CPMS include cloud-based load management, for the even distribution of power across multiple charge points, and SmartQueue, the intelligent virtual queuing system which eliminates the need to wait on-site for a charge point to become available.

Monta’s CPMS also unlocks a new revenue stream for KEBA, with the option to monetise charge points and receive monthly recurring revenue via subscriptions. 

Operationally, KEBA is in full control, with access to features such as differential price setting by user group and time of day, promotional codes to attract and reward customers and overstay fees to discourage idling.

Payment is simple for EV drivers, with access via the Monta App Clip, which facilitates both Apple, and Google Pay, allowing users to charge and pay without having to download the app.