A new law requires public electric utilities in the Garden State to authorise the installation and operation of a "meter collar adapter," as long as it meets specific requirements for safety, suitability, and adherence to the National Electrical Code. Utilities are required to authorise or deny approval of specific meter socket adapters for installation in their service areas within 90 days after a manufacturer submits an approval request.

ConnectDER offers a UL listed "plug-and-play" collar or meter socket adapter (MSA) that safely and effortlessly integrates a variety of energy resources and ties them seamlessly into the distribution grid at the meter.

Jon Knauer, ConnectDER's VP of policy and market strategy, celebrated New Jersey's decision, saying, "This forward-thinking, subsidy-free law accelerates New Jersey's path to electrification by increasing residents' access to lower-cost solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging."

"Sunrun is pleased that New Jersey bill S-3092, which requires utilities to allow the use of meter collars, is now the law of the land.

ConnectDER unlocks the massive potential of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) by turning the meter socket into an all-in-one plug-in point for solar, batteries, electric vehicles, and beyond, with direct benefits for the user, the grid, and environment.