The Orange EV yard trucks along with their paired, onsite charging cabinets will be under lease with various customers within the food distribution and logistics industry segments.

The e-Triever yard trucks have an 81,000 lb GCWR, handling some of the harshest conditions and heaviest duty cycles in the United States with a functional environmental temperature range of -40 F° to 120 F°. Orange EV has multiple solutions that are successfully meeting zero emissions standards without sacrificing size and speed.

The CTL and Orange EV partnership in electrifying the terminal truck industry has emphasised not just environmental benefits but operational efficiencies and cost savings. Fleets have seen savings from US$20,000 – $90,000 per truck annually from fuel cost reduction, emissions control elimination, and powertrain and brake maintenance savings. Cutting down on downtime can provide the greatest savings experienced by Orange EV operators, but additional savings come from operator turnover costs that are decreased due to the safer working environments that EV yard trucks provide.

Whether trucks are purchased, leased, or rented, Orange EV provides a turnkey solution including trucks, telematics, chargers, and onsite training. Service is provided onsite by Orange EV service technicians.