The 100% Daimler Buses subsidiary is electrifying the entire bus depot of HTM Personenvervoer, one of the local public transport operators in the Dutch city. The project covers the entire ‘e‑system’ and thus the installation of all 41 charging stations with a total of 122 charging points, providing the charging management, software, and operating concept. Commissioning is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. As part of the overall package, Daimler Buses will be delivering at least 95 battery‑electric Mercedes‑Benz eCitaro city buses to HTM.

The plan is to create fast lanes at HTM's depot, enabling rapid charging of the electric city buses during the day, and thus during operation, using powerful charging stations with an output of 360 kW. In the evenings, when buses are not in use, the power can be split between several buses: This means that up to four buses per charging station can be charged overnight at 90 kW. A total of 28 charging stations will be installed at the depot in The Hague, capable of simultaneously supplying 109 electric buses with energy. In addition, the plan is to install 13 charging stations at three other sites run by the operator. In total, 122 charging points will be installed.

Daimler Buses Solutions is setting up the entire e‑infrastructure together with local partners ABB E‑mobility and Batenburg Techniek. The software for charging management will be supplied by Daimler Buses Solutions together with the experts from IVU Traffic Technologies.