The latest pouch form-factor cell is capable of charging from 20% to 80% SOC in six minutes. Desten says that owing to its LFP based chemistry, this cell features an impressive chemical and temperature stability profile, making for the safest battery technology available to date, alongside market leading cost efficiency.

The LFP cell is poised to change the face of electrified mobility and energy storage. It will reduce charging times for electric vehicles and enable grids to access short duration storage at a low cost/kWh with enhanced safety, as yet unavailable with NMC based compositions today.

This ultra-fast charging LFP innovation reflects Desten’s R&D capabilities, building upon established expertise in the development of ultra-fast charging NMC cells, and the application of tailor-made material platforms, cell structuring techniques, and proprietary cell production processes.

Desten is now working with its partners in North America, Europe and Asia to integrate these advancements in new EV and BESS platforms, with the first samples having already been made available to the OEM partners.

“Our latest technological breakthrough has the potential to revolutionise transportation and energy storage applications,” remarked Bader Al-Rezaihan, CEO and chairman of Desten. “By making ultra-fast charging cost competitive via Iron-Phosphate material formats, Desten will resolve key adoption barriers for EV drivers and provide grids the power capacity they need to replace fast ramping fossil fuel generation sources with confidence.”