Under the terms of this agreement, DMS will manufacture InductEV's hardware, including in-ground and under-vehicle inductive pads; manage InductEV's supply chain and procurement; utilise engineering expertise to facilitate high quality, design for manufacturing and assembly; and co-develop design optimisations to prepare for a 100-fold increase in production volume.

Among its product offerings, DMS currently handles manufacturing for the Ford EV F-150 Lightning, signalling its expertise in advanced electric vehicle components and systems production. InductEV's patented technology is currently being used in locations throughout North America and Europe, including in Washington State, Indianapolis, Martha's Vineyard, and in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo's hometown. (Volvo Ventures is an InductEV investor). The company is poised to announce the largest commitment by a US port facility to its wireless charging technology.  

InductEV's proprietary, on-route wireless charging solution shifts EV charging to daytime use of renewables. It reduces the need for large EV batteries, lowering vehicle costs, and eliminates the need for recycling by extending battery life by a factor of 4-8X. Wireless charging also enables the broad deployment of autonomous vehicles.