Event organiser a151 said the show at Bologna Exhibition Centre brought together the most important sector operators. Stands hosted more than 260 exhibitors and covered the 12,000-plus square metres which span halls 21 and 22, and in addition there were several panels, conferences, test drives and workshops that enlivened the programme. The next edition will be held on May 8-9 in 2024, again in Bologna.
Attendees included major figures from the electrification and automotive sectors such as Angelo Raffaele Pelillo (Alternative Energy Commission, ACI), Michele Crisci (president of UNRAE), Federico Capucci (cluster manager, Clust-ER Mech), Francesco Naso (general secretary, Motus-E), Fabrizio Arena (partner - Automotive & Mobility, BIP - Business Integration Partners) and Andrea Poggio (Legambiente).

Gianpiero Calzolari, president of BolognaFiere, said in an address to show attendeees: “Within each sector trade fairs can tell the story of innovation processes. As such, they are an important tool by which they challenge each other, put themselves on the line and showcase themselves. But above all they mark an opportunity by which everyone can become aware of the planet’s evolutionary state. The transition to electric marks a process that’s become inescapable - also because we’re now duty bound to compensate the planet for mistakes made in recent decades."

Exhibitors from 20 European and non-European countries were present, including major market leaders. The exhibition area was double that of the previous year: two pavilions and a completely redesigned layout with a new RE-BATTERY exhibition area specifically-dedicated to the collection, sorting and treatment of electric vehicle batteries.

E-TECH EUROPE 2023 was combined the FORTRONIC event which is dedicated to power electronics and organised by Tecno with the support of Assodel. A special area within the pavilion was dedicated to FORTRONIC, confirming the inescapable link between electronics and electric mobility. 

Elena Baronchelli, general manager of Tecno, commented: “We’re really satisfied with this joint second edition with E-TECH EUROPE. Fortronic has found the right location to intercept those approaching the world of electrification who need experts in the field.” 

The event attracted more than 260 exhibitors from 20 European and non-European countries
The event attracted more than 260 exhibitors from 20 European and non-European countries

Twenty-two main conferences and 25 workshops were organised in collaboration with universities, research centres, industry and leading sector associations. Of these, the most significant on the first day were the session on Batteries for automotive in Europe: market, supply chain, programmes, the Automotive Glass Technology Forum, the round table organized by Vaielettrico titled Zero Emissions by 2035: is the Motor Valley ready for the challenge? as well as The Architecture and integration of EVs meeting and the Supercar & Superbike Summit.

While the focus of discussion on the second day was the reuse, recycling and disposal of batteries, a critical component of the circular economy of mobility, including three main appointments: Recycling of batteries: reuse, machinery and processes, Recycling of batteries: traceability, metals extraction and Recycling of electric motors.

The ‘Electric Paddock' area outside the pavilion was also a great success. Here it was possible to test the latest electric motorcycle and scooter models made available by ZEROMOTORCYCLE and Energica Motor Company. The special outdoor area also afforded visitors a chance to see the 2ELECTRON-modified Tesla Model 3 in action, which can emulate the driving sensations of an endothermic engine in terms of performance, sound and vibration, the E-KERRY by Archimede Energia, microcars by GVZ and the fast-charging mobile system from E-GAP.

The third edition of E-TECH EUROPE will take place on May 8 and 9, 2024. New features will include an an expansion to the exhibition that will focus on composite and lightweight materials as well as INTERIORS GLOBAL - a new thematic exhibition entirely dedicated to solutions and systems for automotive and transportation interiors.

More details: https://e-tech.show/