With 20 chargers installed and another 50 planned by the end of Q2 for high-traffic locations in Salt Lake and the surrounding area, the network will be one of the largest in the state by the end of the year. Each location includes four QC45 chargers, allowing four vehicles to be charged simultaneously, one of which is for EV drivers with reduced mobility.

The QC45 charging solution was entirely developed by Efacec and stands out for its fast-charging capacity of up to 80% in less than 30 minutes and its reliability, incorporating both CCS and CHAdeMO ports.

The partnership agreement between eV Power and Efacec includes the licensing and customisation of EV Core, a charging point management system (CPMS), which is designed and owned by Efacec. The CPMS allows the EV driver to locate, identify and reserve available chargers via a robust mobile app branded specifically for eV Power.

Efacec says that one of the competitive advantages its solution compared to others available on the market, is its ability to customise the charging solution according to the customer’s needs and requirements, in this case, for eV Power and the US market. By integrating a credit card payment terminal, the EV driver can make the payment without having to install the mobile app and register in the system, expediting the charging sequence.

“Efacec has been a valuable partner to eV Power enabling us to get to market with highly reliable DC Fast chargers in several locations in the state to help meet the increasing demand of the EV driving public,” said Mark Sampson, CEO of eV Power Exchange. “Efacec’s fully integrated solutions make them one of the few original equipment manufacturers globally that offer such a comprehensive solution.”

A pioneer in electric mobility and the production of fast and ultra-fast chargers, Efacec offers a complete range for the private, public, fast, and ultra-fast segments. Its main customers include car manufacturers, charging infrastructure operators, utilities and players in the oil and gas sector worldwide.