The funds will be used to expand the geographic coverage of ElectroTempo’s solutions across the US and round out product features to serve industrial site hosts in deploying and operating infrastructure to accelerate truck electrification.

ElectroTempo’s software forecasts EV charging demand and recommends the most cost-effective equipment and infrastructure investments for its clients. The company’s industrial site host customers use this software to determine how to establish and operate EV charging networks to maximise utilisation of their assets, including vehicles and chargers, thus improving the return on their investments by 20% or more.

"The barrier to massive EV deployment lies within the information silos among legacy sectors - transportation, commercial real estate and utilities," said Ann Xu, CEO of ElectroTempo. 

"This is not a problem that can be solved by software alone. It requires the support of deep subject matter expertise and a team purpose-built to democratise this expertise for vehicle electrification to address this challenge at scale. ElectroTempo provides the software with the right team and expertise. This funding round will allow us to enhance our products to deliver more value to our customers and scale our coverage to meet nationwide demand."