The company says Eva will empower customers and expedite issue resolutions, improving overall customer communication with the company.  The AI powered virtual assistant allows customers to either search for their issue or select from a range of categories, using natural language to understand the questions. Eva then provides a step-by-step guide to solve the problem, using AI to self-train and learn from previous conversations to deliver faster and better results. 
During business hours, the virtual assistant is also able to redirect questions to live support agents for matters that it cannot immediately resolve. It uses AI to summarise the steps performed by the customer and reports it to the live-support agent, helping agents better understand and help customers. The hybrid approach of virtual assistance and human support ensures quicker resolutions and a better experience.  

During its trial period, Eva resolved over 70% of issues, redirecting the remaining cases to customer support. Customers reported nearly 80% of satisfaction to the virtual assistant help.   

Initially launched in English and Dutch for a trial during the summer, Eva will be soon also available in French and German. Additional languages will be added to further support customers worldwide.