The Eichrecht Measurement Certification under the Calibration Ordinance standardises the measurements and tariffs of charging stations and is required of chargers for public use.

The EVBox Liviqo, which was officially launched earlier this year, ensures reliable charging solutions for businesses so that they can seamlessly offer their charging infrastructure, not only to their employees and network, but also to the public when owners opt for the Eichrecht-compliant version of the station.

The Liviqo was built to take care of businesses’ day-to-day EV charging operations and EVBox says the intuitive approach helps to focus on what matters most - happy employees and satisfied customers. By receiving Module B and D certification, the hardware as well as the software (EVBox Everon) are compliant with the latest German Weights and Measurement Act.  

Businesses that install Eichrecht-compliant EVBox Liviqo charging stations for their employees and public charging sessions, can easily manage charging cards and billing with EVBox Everon.  

The EVBox Liviqo includes an Eichrecht compliant kWh meter and can therefore be part of a network that's open to the public This way their stations show up on public charging maps and make it easy for EV drivers to find them when needed. As a result, station owners can monetise charging sessions by opening them up to the public.