The initiative enables consumers to access the Irish Electric Home Charging Grant that offers up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of a smart home charging station. The grant contributes to the Irish government’s goal of making EV ownership more affordable and sustainable transportation more accessible in Ireland. The charger grant scheme exclusively supports smart charging stations that meet strict, often best-in-class energy efficiency standards.

The scheme is open to homeowners or renters to apply for a grant, whether they own an electric vehicle or not. To start the application, the applicant must complete the form via the SEAI website.

To support this initiative, EVBox participated in the Retrofitting Ireland event at Limerick University, which brought together experts to delve into the current national and EU-level policies. The event emphasised accessible resources and fostered awareness about companies and technologies driving energy-related renovations.

In a 2017 survey of Irish consumers, upfront costs stood out as the main obstacle for EV adoption, prompting the introduction of the EV Home Charger Grant Scheme. Thus far, the grant has already made a significant impact, with a 52% increase in EV registrations between July 2022- July 2023.

"The Irish government is on the right track, and we're here with EVBox to back its efforts,” said Gerwin Sieders, CCO at EVBox. “As we can see from the survey of Irish consumers, upfront costs are a big concern for EV adoption. But with initiatives like the grant, we hope to tackle that hurdle and push for a more sustainable future."