For nearly a decade, EverCharge has been providing its commercial fleet and multi-family residential partners with an all-in-one approach to maximise the value of charging infrastructure. To further enhance its offerings, EverCharge is packaging its services into four key streams called Easy, Roll-out, Uptime and Glance.

To eliminate the challenges of gauging whether a property’s infrastructure is sufficient for EV charging, EverCharge’s Easy service provides an onsite report of electrical infrastructure and capabilities. The company’s dedicated installation team oversees the Roll-out service, providing turnkey deployment and management of the entire EV charging system installation process.

Meanwhile, EverCharge’s Uptime service handles network management, support, billing, and system maintenance. The Glance service, an all-in-one charge management system (CMS), provides property operators with a customisable dashboard to manage, monitor, and analyse both real-time and historical charging data – without integrations or third-party hardware. This data allows partners to accurately plan for current and future charging needs.

EverCharge says that the combination of these service offerings, in addition to its American-made EV charging hardware, provide its customers with a streamlined experience, instead of having to patch together services, struggle to integrate hardware with software, or work with incomplete data.