Apple CarPlay allows iPhone users to display their devices’ interface on a car's infotainment system. With increasing customer demand for the feature, Fastned’s software engineers developed the Fastned App for Fastned customers who are iOS users and have a compatible EV.

With the goal of making fast charging as convenient as possible, Fastned developed its own Apple CarPlay app so that EV drivers can find its charging stations, check pricing and real-time charger availability directly within their EV’s infotainment system.

“The launch of the Fastned Apple CarPlay app is an important milestone for Fastned,” said Robin Wouters, director of product and engineering at Fastned. “The app has been developed in Apple’s closed environment, in line with Apple’s requirements. Our team continues gathering and processing customers’ feedback to further improve the user experience.”

As most of Fastned’s customers are iOS users, the company first focussed on Apple CarPlay But says it wants to provide all customers with the best possible experience. Expansion into other systems such as Android Auto is being explored.