Conducted by CBC's Marketplace, known for its consumer-focused investigative journalism, the investigation revealed Flo as the sole charging network among those tested that performed without any reliability issues during the investigation -- Putting Electric Vehicles to the Test: Are We Ready for 2035.

According to the Marketplace report: "The team encountered some sort of challenge at seven of the 12 stations. The seven included one Ivy station, three ChargePoint and three Petro-Canada locations. The challenges included needing multiple attempts in order to start or end a charging session as well as problems completing payment through an app or credit card reader. At two of the locations (ChargePoint and Petro-Canada), the team could not charge at all. No charging hiccups occurred at the Flo locations visited.

"When people ask how Flo can achieve high reliability when others cannot, I tell them it is the strength of Flo's network operations system," said Martin Brière, Flo chief network and experience officer. "We monitor all the chargers on the Flo Network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows us to quickly resolve any issues that may come up. This CBC report shows Flo is leading the way in reliability. We know 98%+ uptime is achievable and we think it should be the norm."