The charger sold was a Flo Home X5 unit that will be installed in Toronto by Ridgeline Electric. Flo's home chargers are 100% aluminium with a sleek design and stand up to harsh weather and unforgiving climates.

EV adoption continues to increase in both Canada and the US, as EVs become more affordable for North American drivers. Meanwhile, the availability of public charging stations remains a top concern for drivers considering a switch to an EV. Flo continues to address this concern by providing access to a network of 75,000 public charging stations, with more on the way.

"My customers are looking for the most robust and reliable charger on the market and the Flo Home is the charger I recommend to them," said Fab Farruggio, general manager, Ridgeline Electric. "Flo chargers will work every time whether at home or on the road."

Flo expanded its North American supply chain and production capabilities by opening a US-based facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan – a key step in the company's mission to bring 250,000 chargers to the US market by 2028. The Auburn Hills facility will produce the first line of the Flo Ultra charger, beginning in early 2024.

Flo's 100,000 charging stations, deployed at public, private, and residential locations, enable more than 1.5 million charging events each month. The network maintains a 98%+ uptime, and a recent evaluation report on the NYC DOT Curbside Level 2 EV Charging Pilot Program showed Flo curbside chargers maintained an uptime of more than 99% during the first 18 months.