The headquarters, located in the UK, will be home to the European team which will continue to grow throughout 2023. The office space allows room for the company's European operations to scale with demand. FreeWire plans to target the UK, Ireland, and Benelux region, along with Spain and Italy, in 2023 before expanding to other markets.

"FreeWire is well-positioned to tap into the growing European market,” said James Jean-Louis, European head of sales. “We see a major opportunity to offer reliable, flexible, and cost-effective infrastructure that can be deployed quickly to support the rapid increase in demand for ultrafast EV charging in Europe."

FreeWire has already deployed Boost Chargers in the European region in partnership with BP. In mid-February, FreeWire began its partnership with Bauwelinck, a regional car dealership. The first ultrafast battery-integrated charger of the partnership was installed at a dealership in Antwerp, in the Netherlands, and will be open to the public in the coming weeks.

"The installation of the Boost Charger itself was surprisingly simple and quick," said Johan Bauwelinck, CEO of Bauwelinck. "Apart from the much shorter delivery time, the continuous low power consumption, in particular, was appreciated by the local power company."

FreeWire began its partnership with Avia in The Netherlands earlier this month. The first deployment will be installed at the Avia Marees gas station in Wieringerwerf. In addition to FreeWire's partnership with Avia and Bauwelinck, the company has also begun a partnership with Otamar, a regional fuel station operator. The first installation was recently deployed in the Galicia region of Spain. The charger is located at a public fuelling station in Vigo and sits along a major highway connecting Spain to Portugal.