With Gogoro, Copec is developing the first Latin American network of battery swapping stations that it is launching at Copec service stations in Santiago, Chile; and, through a partnership with Terpel, a Copec company, service stations in Bogota, Colombia.

The Gogoro Network cloud service utilises advanced real-time monitoring that ensures optimal Smartscooter and battery performance and diagnostics that enable Copec and Gogoro customers to have a safe and reliable battery swapping and ride experience.

At the heart of Gogoro's ecosystem is an open and interoperable battery swapping platform that was recognised by Guidehouse Insights in 2023 as the leading battery swapping company for lightweight urban vehicles in the world. In Taiwan, the Gogoro Network supports nearly 600,000 riders and has more than 1.3 million smart batteries in circulation through its network of 12,000 battery swapping stations at over 2,500 locations. With more than 450,000 daily battery swaps and more than 535 million total battery swaps to date, Gogoro battery swapping has saved more than 900,000 tons of CO2 since it launched in 2015.

"Our partnership with Copec, a major Latin American energy company, is an important milestone in our mission to transform urban transportation around the world. Together we will provide an accessible path for both consumer and delivery riders to adopt sustainable urban mobility and play a key role in battling climate change and making the world better for all," said Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro. "On average, last mile delivery riders ride more than six-times the distance as consumer riders, so enabling these delivery riders to adopt smart sustainable electric transportation can have an accelerated impact on cities."