To date, Greenspot has installed a total of 12 Level-2 EV charging stations in Newton and having won the city's 2022 RFP for EV charging, it is likely that more stations will be installed in the next few years. 

Greenspot is getting ready to break ground in the city of Brookline, a nearby neighbour of Newton, where 35 Level 2 EV chargers and 2 DC fast chargers will be installed. 

"The plan is to have these stations operational by Summer,” said Joseph Desimone, Greenspot’s COO. “Since we've had so much success in other parts of the Boston metro area, we know the community needs this infrastructure as soon as possible and Greenspot will get the job done." 

Greenspot is a Jersey City, NJ, based EV charging infrastructure developer, owner and operator of its network.  The company provides public and private sector property owners with end-to-end solutions at little-to-no out-of-pocket costs on installation, operations, maintenance, and electricity – as well as providing a portion of the income from every charge.