Established in Melbourne in 2013, Jet Charge is a major provider of EV charging infrastructure and technologies in the country.

The project has attracted combined public and private investments worth AU$3.3m, supporting the company to grow its operations in research, development and production.

Jet Charge, which operates across Australia and New Zealand, says it is the preferred charging infrastructure provider for property developers, energy providers and 24 EV brands, having installed more than 10,000 charging stations across Australia. 

“Expanding our operations in Victoria enables us to maximise our product offering and further break down the barriers to EV charging for all Victorians,” said Jet Charge CEO and founder Tim Washington. “Jet Charge has grown from a humble installation business to Australia’s leading end-to-end provider of EV charging technologies. We will be able to maximise our best in-class apartment solutions, EV energy management systems, payment terminals, grid services and Victorian-made chargers.”