Over the next few years, thousands of fast-charging stations will be installed in European and North American cities, the company has announced. The establishment of a comprehensive fast-charging infrastructure is made possible by the successful completion of a large financing round with InfraRed Capital Partners, a leading international infrastructure investment company. 

InfraRed has invested in Jolt through a €150m allocation to support its growth.

Jolt combines charging stations and battery storage. The company’s charging stations with up to 320 kW power can be connected to the existing low-voltage grid; the battery storage provides additional energy for the entire charging process, enabling up to 100 km of driving range in just five minutes of charging. 

“Our ultra-fast charging stations equipped with powerful battery storage are the missing link in accelerating the energy and transport transition in cities,” said Maurice Neligan, CEO of Jolt. “Ultra-fast charging systems are the key to unlocking the potential of EVs for city residents.”

The first sites in German cities are already operational, and 100 more are set to follow by the end of the year.

Jolt's charging stations are mainly installed in inner-city, publicly accessible, and highly frequented areas such as supermarket parking lots. Thanks to the integrated battery storage, Jolt's charging stations can be connected to almost any low-voltage AC-grid without major construction work, securing network stability on a regional level.

Jolt aims to partner with both cities and commercial locations, such as supermarkets, restaurants, and service stations, to establish charging stations at highly frequented locations for electric vehicle drivers. These partnerships provide an opportunity for cities to enhance their public appeal and for site partners to improve customer satisfaction and generate additional revenue, all without requiring significant effort or investment.