Juxta Nomads are fully equipped and assembled, portable and unstaffed micro-retail stores. They can be installed and operational within 12 hours and enable drivers to buy food and drinks while waiting for their vehicles to charge.

They are designed primarily to support operators of EV charging stations with a turn-key supplementary retail offering to drive top-line growth.

The ability to purchase self-served food and drink from a Juxta Nomad is designed to increase the appeal of EV charging stations for drivers.

Once inside the store, customers can select from a range of snacks, sandwiches, hot drinks, and fresh fruit, or select larger items for dinner at home later – whatever the retailer chooses to stock depending on each Nomad’s location and customer purchase data. For example, operators of Nomads positioned by remote EV charging points far from any urban conurbation could prioritize drinks and snacks to be consumed by drivers while waiting for their vehicles to charge. 

Operators of Nomads located by EV charging stations closer to or within towns and cities could also choose to stock larger items, such as readymade meals, for shoppers to purchase and consume when they return to their homes.

Shelf and cabinet sensors inside the Nomad instantly detect when an item is picked up, and an array of cameras will anonymously identify by whom. The information is combined in the cloud to create a digital basket for each customer. If a family or group of shoppers enter the store, Juxta's AI-driven technology will collate their purchases. 

The Juxta dashboard provides comprehensive data to enable operators to optimize retail strategy with hyper-targeted customer offers.

The Nomads can be set up in 12 hours for use in environments including festivals, events, college campuses, food deserts and hospitals. Barrier-free credit card-based customer access negates need for apps or membership.

An automatic payment system enables customers to shop quickly and leave without manual check-out, and payment is via credit & debit cards. One employee can maintain and restock up to 12 Juxta Nomads per day.

Juxta is a corporate start-up supported by global industrial technology company Vontier, which also incorporates Gilbarco Veeder-Root, a supplier of fueling and convenience store equipment.

The start-up says the concept has already been proven by a successful four-month trial in North Carolina, and strategic roll-out of further Juxta Nomads is planned for the US and Europe.