The partners also plan two charging hubs in the Netherlands and Belgium, by replacing the existing first-generation charging equipment at the stations. The upgraded stations will accelerate the availability of fast charging infrastructure in the Benelux.

The pilot site at De Meern is equipped with a Kempower Power Unit featuring two Kempower Satellite chargers with three plugs, capable of providing up to 200 kW of power per plug. The Kempower Power Unit can distribute power dynamically through a ‘flexible sharing’ functionality, allowing three EVs to be charged simultaneously at any one time.

The pilot site will be open to the public for a three-month trial period. Allego and Kempower will collect data and feedback from the trial to further improve on the construction of two permanent EV-charging hubs, located in Bunnik, the Netherlands, and Gentbrugge, Belgium. The two new sites will both offer a total capacity of 600 kW, divided between six single-plug Kempower Satellite chargers.

“This is the first project where we’ve collaborated with our new EV-charging hardware partner Kempower,” said Jules Sommers, senior product manager at Allego. “I’m excited to review the results of the initial field test to develop and to expand our network of permanent charging stations in the Netherlands and Belgium and accelerate the Benelux’s EV transition.”