Lume, in Menlo Park, California offers an upscale, high-tech living experience in a modern, stylish building that features amenities and technology.

The automatic parking system (APS) at Lume, developed by the Bay Area's Parkworks, provides a safe, dependable convenience for residents. When they're ready to park, residents simply drive their cars into one of three bays and the APS securely stores their vehicle in one of the 476 designated spaces. The car is stowed in less than one minute while saving energy and reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption. To recall their vehicle, residents enter their request via a mobile app and then head to the garage where their car will be waiting, typically in less than three minutes.

The APS is EV-friendly and features a one-of-a-kind robotic EV charging solution. A vehicle needing to charge will automatically be moved into a designated EV space serviced by a robotic arm. The robot will intelligently detect and plug in a compatible charger. Once the vehicle is done charging, the parking system will automatically swap the vehicle for another EV needing to charge.

Located in a bustling, innovative and eclectic neighbourhood on the bay front, Lume is in the heart of Silicon Valley just a short distance from San Francisco and San Jose, with easy access to leisure, entertainment, and some of the most innovative employers, including Meta and Stanford University.