The California Legislature recently appropriated general funds to the Department of General Services (DGS) Office of Sustainability (OS) to support the installation of EV charging infrastructure. Through DGS' rigorous RFP process, National Car Charging was selected to be the exclusive non-networked DC fast charging provider for the state.

Having long led the country in EV adoption, California accelerated its build out of the state's clean energy infrastructure in 2022 in an effort to achieve its world-leading climate goals of having net-zero carbon emissions and 100% clean electricity by 2045.

To accelerate this transition and help reach the goal to install 250,000 chargers, the state is investing more than US$10bn for zero-emission cars, trucks, buses and infrastructure as part of the historic US$52-plus billion California Climate Commitment.

National Car Charging will be fulfilling the contract with Kempower DC fast chargers whose products are known globally for their quality, durability and >99% uptime. Headquartered in Finland, Kempower recently opened its US plant in Durham, NC.

National Car Charging isn't new to the public charging arena. Over the last decade the company has installed stations for nearly every business channel and more than 60% of its current work is in the public space. NCC has been awarded EVSE procurement contracts in seven other states including its home state of Colorado and been selected to participate in more than eight different public and private cooperative buying programs throughout the country.