NXP will offer Qnovo's new SpectralX battery management software in its e-mobility enablement solutions for electric vehicles, including two-wheeled and other EVs. The software reduces charging times to ~20 minutes, improves range by up to 10%, extends battery life cycle to nearly one million km and targets zero battery thermal events in electric vehicles.

Qnovo is working with NXP on a reference design to ensure the seamless integration of Qnovo's software with the NXP battery management system (BMS) and onboard charger hardware. A validated design means software, hardware, and tools work together, reducing development costs for electric vehicles. 

In addition, it makes fast charging possible without compromising battery health. SpectralX also adds predictive capabilities to NXP's BMS and supports swappable batteries. The BMS has a small memory footprint that leaves room for other features, while the NXP secure boot prevents code tampering and enables secure code delivery, the key to mass-market adoption.