The company has developed both a customer-facing EV charging mobile application in 2021 and software powering national electric vehicle charging networks in the US and Canada this year.  

"We believe that electric charging is one of the most fundamental digital experiences in future mobility, and that the EVRoaming Foundation aligns perfectly with our mission to make that experience accessible to every driver alike,” said Julian Offermann, S44 CEO and founder. "We are excited to collaborate with the foundation in bringing EV players together to advance the solution stack on data exchange and interoperability," he added.

EVRoaming Foundation's mission is to facilitate roaming services for charging electric vehicles and provide transparent information to consumers about charging locations and prices. To do this it uses the open and independent Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol. This allows any EV driver to charge at any charging station because of three goals: simplify, standardise, and harmonise.

The Foundation supports organisations and governments with information to improve accessibility of charging infrastructure and manages and maintains the OCPI protocol. It ensures its free availability, to guarantee roaming according to open standards for any EV driver.

"We are glad to see that roaming for electric vehicle charging is gaining traction in all geographies. Adding American members to our organisation is key to drive a broad acceptance of standard methods and protocols," said Arnaud Mora, EVRoaming Foundation Chairman.

With the current focus on improving existing OCPI 2.2.1 models, the community – to include S44 – will look to also define OCPI 3.0 through a focus on an improved architecture, direction for managing CDRs, data availability, and state of chargers.