Real estate company Trophi and independent EV chargepoint operator Allego have announced the development of fast-charging facilities at strategic locations throughout Sweden.

Trophi has signed an agreement with Allego to build charging infrastructure on seven hypermarket and city grocery store locations across the country. Allego will furnish these locations with fast charging stations, making HPC charging publicly available for all customers. With 275 properties in Sweden and Finland, Trophi is the leading Nordic real estate company focusing on grocery anchored retail properties.

All the planned charging stations will accommodate DC, and in some locations AC destination charging, following a pre-agreed mix. The charging hubs will be equipped with a combination of 4-8 ultra-fast (HPC) charge points, depending on the size of the location, and in some cases an additional 4-8 AC charge points. The hubs are planned near Trophi locations for hypermarkets and shopping areas close to main highways (Köping, Kristianstad, Eskilstuna and Landskrona) as well as city grocery stores (Stenungsund, Örnsköldsvik and Helsingborg). 

The signed agreement commits both parties to install charge points for all types and models of electric vehicles, both private and commercial. Allego and Trophi agreed on a standardised lease agreement approved by both parties to make the process easier and builds more efficient. Trophi will lease sections of its land to Allego, who will install and operate the charging equipment.

Allego delivers public EV charging solutions for all types and models of electric vehicles, facilitating consumers, businesses, and urban infrastructures. It operates across 16 European countries having already established one of Europe’s largest networks comprising of just under 40,000 public charge points.