Through boosting destination EV charging infrastructure, EVC aims to eliminate range anxiety experienced by EV drivers concerned about finding reliable charge points.  Projects range from individual chargers through to larger EV charging hubs and will utilise charging points with a capacity between 22kW and 300kW.

EVC's core focus is on providing convenient, practical and reliable 'destination' charging options for its growing customer base. The company funds and installs EV charge points, under long-term contractual lease agreements, at 'destinations'. These include hospitality, leisure and retail venues, workplaces, and multi-dwelling residential units. Ensuring convenient and practical EV charging at their destination means customers, staff and residents no longer need to take time out of their journey to charge on the way.  

Funding for the expansion was provided by Denham Sustainable Infrastructure (DSI), an arm of global energy transition investment firm, Denham Capital. 

EVC's fully funded solutions aim to meet the demands of the EV industry, providing innovative and scalable charging infrastructure alongside charging management software. This includes managing any planning requirements, undertaking the installation and maintenance of each charger. For landlords who want to invest their own capital, EVC offers a managed service, whereby EVC undertakes the installation and operates the EV charger on the landlord's behalf.

"Denham Sustainable Infrastructure's commitment – one of the largest seen in the UK EV charging infrastructure sector – will turbocharge our ability to provide businesses and customers across the nation with the confidence to make the switch and join the electric vehicle revolution,” said Nick Ballamy, CEO of EVC. “We're seeing pent-up demand across our markets and this investment will enable us to accelerate delivery to meet those needs.”