The first operational demonstration of the AmpCart H2 product, developed in collaboration with Oshkosh AeroTech, means the system is on track for operational deployment by the end of 2024.

The AmpCart H2 provides a near-term solution to the shortage of charging infrastructure for electric ground support equipment (GSE) at airports. It is enabled by Universal Hydrogen’s modular fuelling technology that alleviates the need for purpose-built hydrogen fuelling infrastructure and enables every airport to be hydrogen-ready.

The recent operational demonstration at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles involved charging two DHL electrified tractors using a mobile AmpCart H2 prototype and portable hydrogen storage modules. Hawthorne is the fifth airport at which Universal Hydrogen has successfully utilised hydrogen on airport grounds, paving the path to hydrogen acceptance as an aviation fuel.

Hydrogen modules are fuelled with green hydrogen off-airport, typically near the point of hydrogen production, and transferred to the airport landside with existing intermodal freight. From there, the modules are loaded onto a trailer for safe and efficient transportation to any location airside of the airport, facilitating flexible and opportunistic charging of electric GSE between operations. This approach optimises GSE operations, minimises equipment downtime, and is scalable from small regional airports to major hubs.

“In the last 10 years or so, there has been a major push among airlines, airports, and ground services providers to electrify airport ground support equipment, but unfortunately the charging infrastructure is significantly lagging, leading to adoption of diesel generators for charging of electric GSE,” said Arnaud Namer, COO, Universal Hydrogen. “We aim to change that by providing a clean, hydrogen-powered mobile charging solution for airports.”