The Texas, US-headquartered company received the 2023 AutoTech Breakthrough Award for its electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) protection solution, including the xZeta vulnerability management system and intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS).

Recognised for providing value, ease of use, functionality, and innovation, VicOne’s EVSE protection solution shortens the vulnerability management process from six months to two weeks. It also empowers charger manufacturers to harness the company’s patent-pending virtual patching technology for effective mitigation, providing an average of 102 days of protection before vendor patch release.

The solution also prioritises according to impact, allowing charger manufacturers to focus on the critical 10% of vulnerabilities likely to be exploited. It includes coverage of 27% more vulnerabilities than the NVD (National Vulnerability Database), identifying zero-day, undisclosed, and disclosed vulnerabilities.

Importantly, VicOne’s EVSE enables charger manufacturers to proactively detect vulnerabilities and ransomware risks, and to centralise software bill of materials (SBOMs) management, alleviating the workload of determining potential risks.

This year’s AutoTech Breakthrough Awards program evaluated more than 1,600 nominations from more than 15 different countries and recognised the top companies, technologies, and products in the global automotive and transportation technology markets today.

For the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award, VicOne was recognised for its xCarbon frictionless IDS/IPS, which provides secure automotive in-vehicle security and system reliability. It consumes minimal CPU and memory resources, while effectively detecting abnormal system activities, network threats, malicious attacks, and CAN Anomaly Detection.

Last month, Frost & Sullivan recognised VicOne with the 2023 Competitive Strategy Leadership Awards for its Cybersecurity Software. According to the Frost & Sullivan announcement, VicOne stands out in the Japanese automotive cybersecurity industry for its profound expertise, strong product expansion efforts, strategic partnerships, flexible pricing approach, highly skilled threat intelligence, and outstanding customer support teams.

“As the automotive industry becomes more connected, cyberattacks on cars and charging stations will continue to increase, and cyber-defence must keep pace,” said Max Cheng, CEO of VicOne. “We’re incredibly honoured to be receive these three prestigious awards for technology innovation and leadership, recognizing our unmatched automotive protection and in-depth security expertise in the global automotive industry. Our comprehensive portfolio of purpose-built cybersecurity software and services for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers enables us to remain ahead of the cybercriminals who threaten our safety and privacy.”