Part of the Vital Group of companies, Vital EV is a specialist UK-headquartered company  offering a comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging solutions for fleet owners. It is the official re-seller of Kempower charging stations and service solutions in the UK and across Africa. 

Under the Agreement, VivoPower will be able to offer to its customers and partners a wide range of EV fleet charging products and services from Vital EV and Kempower for an initial term of three years. These products include multi-voltage lightweight movable rapid chargers, hub-and-spoke rapid and ultra-rapid charging systems, satellite dispensers as well as conventional station chargers.

The EV fleet charging solutions will be offered by VivoPower to complement Tembo’s EV conversion kits. These transform new and second-hand diesel-powered 4x4 Land Cruiser and Hilux vehicles into ruggedised EVs for use in many sectors, including mining, infrastructure, government agencies, humanitarian, tourism, and agriculture. Tembo EV conversion kits are a key component of VivoPower’s turnkey sustainable energy solutions, designed to help corporate customers accelerate towards their net-zero carbon goals and to achieve cost savings.

“This partnership will allow VivoPower to bundle ancillary charging solutions for our fleet owning customers and partners who are seeking to electrify their fleets with the Tembo EV conversion kits,” said Kevin Chin, VivoPower’s executive chairman and CEO. “Vital EV’s solutions are differentiated from others in the market in that they offer satellite remote charging, off-road and ruggedised charging, as well as both DC and AC charging. This is highly relevant for some of the use cases of our customers, including for off-road and remote conditions.”