The company announced it has now sold over 500,000 EV chargers worldwide and has registered over one million users on its software platforms.

The commercial milestone consists of sales from the company’s full suite of smart EV chargers for the home, semi-public, and public charging segments, including its Supernova DC fast charger which will launch in North America later this year. The company also will be launching comprehensive solutions for multi-user, commercial and fleet verticals in Europe later this year: including its previously announced Orion charger and a new fleet management platform.

Wallbox also announced the registration of over one million users worldwide across its software platforms: myWallbox and Electromaps.

MyWallbox, the company’s smart charging software, allows users to take full advantage of its products' energy management capabilities and saves time, and money, and charges more sustainably at home and at work. The majority of Wallbox users opt to link their chargers to a myWallbox account to leverage the company’s entire range of energy management features. While on the move, Electromaps, Wallbox’s app for public charging, connects EV drivers to a network of over 365,000 public charging points throughout Europe, ensuring an uninterrupted driving experience.

“In just six years Wallbox has performed 45 million charging sessions and managed 681 GWh of energy,” said Enric Asuncion, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox. “When you consider that we have only installed 3% of the chargers needed to meet society’s energy transition goals, it is clear we are only scratching the surface of the energy management potential of EV charging.”

The Wallbox achievements come off the back of several recently announced product launches, including the company’s Quasar 2 second generation bidirectional charger, the next generation of its flagship Pulsar product, Pulsar Pro, which is designed for shared spaces such as condominiums, workspaces, and fleets, and a number of key commercial agreements with household names such as Costco.