XCharge says this cutting-edge center will feature more than 20 stalls with ultra-fast chargers, providing a high-tech solution for EV drivers with max outputs ranging from 200kW to 400kW per port.

Once established, the Superhub will serve as the largest non-Tesla DC fast-charging hub in the region, featuring an impressive 3 megawatt-hours of storage capacity that offers grid support. It is designed to handle seismic weather events, demonstrating the capability to sustain and redistribute energy resources. This extends beyond merely powering electric vehicles, as Watters Creek actively contributes to the neighborhood by returning surplus energy to the grid. This commitment aligns with the community's broader goal of sustainable and community-focused initiatives.

Watters Creek Village is a shopping and entertainment destination with a diverse mix of amenities, including various retail options, outdoor dining restaurants, and office space and residential lofts. The addition of XCharge NA chargers will support greener local transportation while offering businesses a potential new revenue stream.

"We are thrilled to partner with XCharge North America to introduce permanent and innovative infrastructure solutions to the Dallas community," says James Roussel of Watters Creek Village. "The upcoming EV Charging Superhub will not only position Watters Creek as a leader in sustainable development but also establish itself as the largest high-end DC fast-charging destination in the region. For those who have not visited Watters Creek recently, we invite you to visit our ever-improving shopping center. In 2023, we invested over $2 million into our customer experiences. This included improvements in landscaping, lighting, painting, parking upgrades, and other repairs. We're thrilled with our progress to date, and the addition of the XCharge EV Charging Superhub will be another amenity available to our community."

This will be the second XCharge NA deployment in Allen, following the installation of charging infrastructure at the MD7 headquarters last year.

"XCharge North America remains at the forefront of sustainable mobility innovation, and our vision advances with the unveiling of the 3MWH Battery Storage Grid Support at the Watters Creek Village mixed-use development near Dallas," says XCharge North America president Aatish Patel. "With over 20 ultra-fast ports, this cutting-edge facility represents a noteworthy stride towards more sustainable and easily accessible electric vehicle infrastructure."