The EQ 200 is one of a new generation of vehicle-to-grid, bi-directional chargers designed to boost the development of an effective EV charging infrastructure. The charger will enable the switch from static EV charging to more dynamic and sustainable energy management as grid technology develops.

The smart charger’s features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 2G and 4G connectivity, allowing the device to interact with a full range of load-balancing and intelligent energy management systems. This enables vehicle-to-grid (VTG) and vehicle-to-everything (VTX) capabilities as new systems emerge.

Going forward, these smart features will allow the EQ 200 charger to draw on the energy stored in an electric vehicle's battery to power other devices in the office or home, charge other EVs, or feed electricity back into the grid. This in turn will help organisations, homeowners, and grid operators to balance energy supply and demand.

The EQ 200 charger's compact design makes it suitable for workplace and parking operators as well as residential users. The Level 2 AC charger has been designed for European markets, and is ISO15118- and MID-certified, offering up to 22kW of charging power output.

The new charger operates using Open Charge Point Protocol software, which is designed to eliminate the need to upgrade hardware as charging technology advances. It is available in both Type 2 sockets or optional seven metre tethered cable, with accessories for wall, post, or back-to-back mounting, and is compatible with about 90% of modern electric vehicles.

“The launch of our grid-ready EQ 200 charger into the UK and Irish markets is an important moment for EV charging,” said Alex Calnan, managing director, Blink Charging UK. “Facilities, including car parks, depots and offices, now have the option of an advanced solution capable of interacting with smart energy systems."