The newly-added fire detection system uses a highly sensitive complex sensor to detect specific wavelengths generated by flames. This ensures a high level of sensing accuracy and quick response speed, regardless of the surrounding environment.

Upon detecting a fire, the system automatically stops the vehicle charging and displays an alert message on the 7-inch LCD screen. It also sends an SMS alert to the field manager and a fire report to the fire authority in real time. The charger safety management system then receives the fire detection alert for expedited on-site response to the fire by the field manager, fire authority, and charger operator.

"We added the fire detection function to minimise the risk of concern and damage, and to ensure a swift response to fires that can occur during electric vehicle charging,” said Lee Jae-ho, Castpro CEO. “We will continue to strive to improve the safety and convenience of our chargers to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers."