At the event, on Friday, 14 October, key representatives from all programme partners, shared their vision on how Delta's extreme fast EV charging solution, which facilitates industry-leading charging current up to 500 Amps, is expected to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility across North America. The demonstration event featured GM's all-electric supertruck, the GMC Hummer EV.

"Extreme fast charging will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, bringing us closer to a cleaner energy future," said Richard Mueller, DTE Energy Technology, Standards and Interconnection manager. "A key aspect of the new technology is the ability to connect directly to medium voltage distribution and provide faster, more efficient charging compared to lower voltage chargers. This project will give DTE and its project partners significant insight into how these fast chargers can be integrated safely, reliably and with ever growing numbers into the grid."   

The 400kW (1000V/400A, 500A below 800V) extreme fast EV charger developed by Delta Americas boasts three-phase 13.8 kVac medium voltage SiC Mosfet SST topology to provide not only industry-leading 500A charging current, but also grid-to-vehicle energy efficiency as high as 96.5% with a system weighting four times less than conventional fast DC EV chargers. The next-generation SST technology also offers essential capabilities for smart grid applications, such as reactive power compensation for voltage stabilisation and improved power quality. Moreover, its HVDC power architecture enables connection with renewable energy and energy storage systems (ESS) to lighten the impact on the electricity grid during times of high EV charging demand.