This powerful charger addresses the growing need for high-power charging while requiring minimal space. It can fully charge a heavy-duty electric truck or bus in just two hours, providing enough range for a full day's operation.

"The UFC 500 combines ultra-fast charging with smart energy management," said Vincent Lin, Delta EMEA's VP of eMobility. "This integration ensures efficient operation and reduces pressure on the electricity grid."

In public settings, the UFC 500 can simultaneously charge two electric vehicles at 250kW each. It's also suitable for passenger cars and a variety of charging applications.

The UFC 500's compact design is achieved through advanced silicon carbide technology, making it easy to install and maintain. Its durable exterior is built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

For operator convenience, the UFC 500 features a sophisticated cable management system and an integrated credit card payment facility.

The charger seamlessly integrates with DeltaGrid EVM, a system that manages charging, prioritises vehicles, and optimises energy use according to electricity tariffs. This reduces costs and minimises the environmental impact.