The platform enables companies to build, scale, and manage EV charging operations with versatile monetisation options and a comprehensive suite of software and support services. The aim is to equip organisations with the tools to succeed in an increasingly competitive EV charging industry. 

This toolset allows companies to deploy EV charging business models and rapidly extend their offerings beyond basic charging station installation services by unlocking lucrative new revenue streams with advanced management tools and real-time insights. Platform users can take advantage of sophisticated pricing models, manage equipment maintenance, offer premium phone support, and control customer renewals to deliver even more value to their customers.

"Operating a successful branded charging network requires great management software and experienced partners," said Seth Cutler, COO at EV Connect. 

"By providing access to our industry expertise and toolsets, we empower EV Connect customers with invaluable knowledge to confidently navigate the complexities and challenges of the industry. Through collaboration, information sharing, and cutting-edge solutions, we at EV Connect firmly believe we can collectively accelerate the growth and adoption of electric mobility globally."