This includes the vehicle, charging station, grid, and their communications protocol. EVSec breaks down communication silos and enables sharing and collaboration of the entire cybersecurity process in one of the most complex known ecosystems. 

C2A Security says it has partnered with one of the biggest energy companies in the world, currently deploying EV charging stations across Asia’s fast-growing market.

According to C2A Security, there have been reports of electric charging stations attacks that can be attributed to the direct access to user credit card information. This has proven to be one of the most vulnerable aspects of the electric vehicle ecosystem. A cyber breach to an electric charging station can result in minor damage with bad actors manipulating the screens of the station to more alarming consequences like causing damage to the charging station, vehicle, or the entire electric grid. 

"Electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure present cybersecurity challenges to OEM, suppliers, charging station operators and many other stakeholders in this vast ecosystem,” said Roy Fridman, C2A Security’s CEO. “They must implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures from the early phases of development through the entire lifecycle. Only through a centralised, automated and managed security approach can players in the ecosystem share security information, understand risk, and mitigate new vulnerabilities."

C2A Security says the EVSec system addresses the cybersecurity needs of the entire electric vehicle ecosystem from the vehicle, charger, and grid, creating transparency, communication, and collaboration with one automated and centralised solution. EVSec breaks down communication silos to create a true cybersecurity single pane of glass.